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The Driving Test

Practical Tests can be booked by post, by phone on 0300 2001 122 or on the internet at
The person making a telephone booking must be the credit card holder but not necessarily the test candidate
You must have your driving licence number available and the Theory Test Pass Certificate number

The current cost a Practical Tests on weekdays are £62 and Practical Tests at weekends are £75 (Prices correct as of March 2011)
Candidates for the tests must produce at the time of test, their valid signed provisional licence and approved photographic evidence of identity such as a passport, employers identity card, student union card, trade union card or bus pass

If none of these are available a photograph, signed and dated on the back by an acceptable person, accompanied by a letter confirming that the photograph is a true likeness of the candidate will be accepted
Details of the precise form the letter should take and a list of acceptable persons is given on the test appointment letter or card
Your ADI is considered to be an acceptable person

New Practical Driving Test from October 2010